Jan de Vries

Growing up in Edinburgh I was aware of the name Jan de Vries.  I would pass the clinic on York Place on the bus for many years, never crossing the door, and never really knowing what they really did even when I came to complimentary therapies years later. The name passed from my consciousness as I moved to London and even when I moved back to Edinburgh because it had gone from York Place I presumed it was no more. Then yesterday (1 May 2017) I had taken the day to come into town to see what was on offer in the way of green and organic makeup at skincare at Neals Yard and  Hanover Healthfoods . I was chatting to the  man in Hanover Healthfoods about the lack of organic and green makeup in Edinburgh (they sell Benecos which was a revelation. More on that in another post) when he told me that Jan de Vries on Queensferry Street sold some. So that’s where I headed! I could not have been more delighted when I crossed the threshold of the lovely looking shop front. I was greeted by really lovely staff (sorry I didn’t ask your names!!) and when I told them what I was looking for they directed me to the back of the shop which is just a stunning little oasis of loveliness! The added bonus for me, there is natural light!!! Hallelujah!!! Makeup wise they have just 3 brands, but this is 3 more than I thought existed in Edinburgh the day before so I was ecstatic. Inika, Pacifica and Dr Hauschka are those brands. The display of Pacifica makeup is really lovely though small, no foundation, primer etc. I don’t know if this is a licence thing but I would love to see more as it is a great brand and very affordable. The Aquaglaze mascara is a staple in my kit, along with the lipsticks and these are covered here. The Inika display seems quite comprehensive although I have not looked into the brand much so not sure if there is more than what is on offer here. Lastly Dr Hauschka who seem to be doing a bit of re-branding so there isn’t the full range of foundations but a good selection non the less.  I think these brands are a great start but I really hope that they may expand and get some more brands in over time. RMS, Vapour, Kjaer Weis & Juice Beauty would be exciting.

Skincare is much more varied and along with firm favourites like Green People, Jason, Dr Hauschka, Weleda etc, there are brands I have never come across before. Two that I am especially keen to try are Holos and Kinvara. Both are Irish and both come in at a great price point (sorry I don’t have actual prices but know that both facial oils were under £20!) feel and smell great. These will definitely be a not too far in the future purchase.

This is a comprehensive holistic health shop so there are all the things you would expect to find in one. It’s a wonderfully beautiful shop. The design is modern and welcoming and the space has a really lovely feel about it.  I can wholeheartedly say that I will be able to while away many an hour here and am looking forward to doing just that.

Jan de Vries10b Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4PG

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