The object for me when applying makeup is you should be able to see the person.  The last thing any of my private clients want to see is another person staring back at them from the mirror. 

My 20 years of fashion, editorial, film and television experience give me great knowledge and insight into how make-up performs, especially under pressure, and this is invaluable for wedding day make-up. As a photographic make-up artist I know how the make-up in my kit looks when photographed and I use the best products so you won’t get that nasty white ghostly halo. Whether it be barely there make-up or full on vintage make-up I can meet all your wedding day needs from bride to bridesmaids and not forgetting the wonderful mother of the bride.

The products I have in my kit have been tried and tested over many years and is the best make-up I have found for bridal and longevity , although I am always testing new products to add to my firm favourites. All my products are from companies that are totally cruelty free and who do not sell in China which is why you do not see companies such as Chanel, MAC and Estee Lauder.

A trial is recommended beforehand and can take a few hours of us discussing what you are hoping for and what you like and don’t like. I like to see things that have inspired you for your wedding day like magazine cuttings, bouquet colours and of course pintrest. It is also helpful for me to see things you don’t like so we don’t make any needless mistakes! As I am just getting to know you it is really helpful to know when you don’t like something so please don’t be shy about telling me as I can not fix something if I don’t know about it. I really won’t be offended.

I am solely a make-up artist and don’t do hair but I can recommend a hair stylist I have worked with on many occasions. I also recommend that your hairstylist comes to you so that all your creative team are under one roof and you don’t have to make unnecessary and potentially stressful trips.

I adore doing weddings and thinks of it as a privilege to be part of such a personal and wonderful day and do all I can to make your day start in a calm and happy way. I have had many lovely comments back from my clients saying not only how wonderful their make-up was and how well it had lasted but also what a pleasure and calming effect it had been to have me around. How can you not love your job with comments like that!

For both your wedding day and your trial I come to you whether it be at home or in your hotel if you are not resident in Scotland!

My Editorial bridal work has featured in Best Scottish wedding’s magazine and I have been lucky enough to be have been involved with The Vintage Wedding Show since it’s conception and have done 2 wonderful shoots with them.

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